Day 1 - Home to Kitsap Memorial State Park - June 16, 2014

Stepping Out the Front Door - Home on Whidbey Island

Saturday, I spent time off-and-on packing for the trip. I wanted to keep my load relatively light. Everything I needed fit into my two rear panniers and a handlebar bag. I'm sure that there are a few small items I will pick up on the trip, but having backpacked for many years, I know that the gear I brought will keep me comfortable.

The first day started in the pouring rain. I had a big smile on my face as I climbed the hills near my home. I met Charlie in Freeland. When I arrived, he was analyzing the front end of his bike. He was worried because it seemed to shimmy as he peddled. I took it for a short spin around the WiFire Cafe parking lot. We decided to take it to our local Half Link bicycle shop to see what David, the owner, thought. He determined that the bushings in his fork were shot. We grabbed a coffee at the newish cafe at the Bayview Farm and Garden while we waited. I ran into my aunt and a friend of hers. We talked about the trip. It was neat to see them. They wished us luck as we headed north to catch the ferry to Port Townsend.

After arriving in Port Townsend, we hit the local Mexican place close to the ferry. I had the "Burrito Grande" which ended up being my last meal of the day due to its mammoth size. We then moved down the road at a reasonable clip, eating up mileage. There were a few tough hills heading down Paradise Bay Road. It did feel good to get up and out of the saddle for awhile while tackling the hills. We took a short detour into Port Gamble to watch a little of the United States vs. Ghana World  Cup soccer game.

Our day ended about three-and-half miles down the road at Kitsap Memorial State Park. The facilities here are nice and they have a large, open field. I did my regular yoga routine around sunset while looking out over Hood Canal. In all, we covered about fifty-five miles today. I look forward to tomorrow's ride.

Hood Canal at Sunset - Kitsap Memorial State Park

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