Day 28 - Costanoa Campground to Santa Cruz - July 10, 2015

Davenport Diner

I heard Charlie's voice at about 7:30 this morning. I could tell that he was ready to roll. Before leaving, we switched out Rocco's pedals with Charlie's. Roc had sharp studs on his that, on occasion, scraped his lower legs. It's hard to go into exact details on this subject. It is my hope that the pedal switch will solve the problem. Charlie shot out of the campground headed for Davenport. He hoped to find a little breakfast spot there. In the past, it has worked well to have one person leave a little early and seek out a spot to eat. This job is loosely rotated between us.

Sure enough, Roc and I received a group text message after about an hour of cycling. Charlie was at the Davenport Diner. I noticed Charlie sitting outside with a cup of coffee chatting with Phillip. He and his friend David had camped at Big Basin Redwoods State Park the night before. I enjoyed chatting with them while sipping dark coffee. Phillip introduced us to the website "Track My Tour." When time permits, I need to look it up. A tour bus pulled up, so we hustled over to the counter to put in our orders. At the table, we chatted and spent a little time updating our blogs. We ended up spending over an hour at the diner before moving down the road.

Santa Cruz Bicycle Route

There was serious construction underway on highway one. This played in our favor. Traffic came slowly in short spurts. The pavement was new and smooth.

Surfing - Santa Cruz

Miles down the road we spotted a bicycle trail that took us into Santa Cruz. We cut down to the waterfront and enjoyed the views. Many people took the day off work to surf. There were nearly as many onlookers as there were those in the water. I had to use my bell frequently while weaving through pedestrians on the boardwalk. I get the feeling that Charlie doesn't like the sound. We passed many rollercoasters and places to eat. The place was heavy with tourists.

Surf Shrine - Santa Cruz

For several days, we had been in communication with our friend Steve from Whidbey Island. He had graciously offered to have us stay with him in Santa Cruz. He called Charlie minutes before we arrived at his partner Gulla's place. Steve met us with a big smile on the sidewalk and led us into the home. He offered us a drink and some of his homemade guacamole and chips. After a chat, I cleaned up with a shave and a shower. Gulla came home from work and we headed down to the Seabright Brewery. We ate outside and did a little reminiscing about past Adventure Education trips with the middle school students. Steve had helped chaperone several trips a few years ago. We had a few laughs.

Seabright Brewery

We decided to extend the evening by heading down to the boardwalk. Gulla knew of a free concert offered on the waterfront by Macy Gray. The place was a madhouse. We people watched for a while, then headed back to the house. I was offered the hide-a-bed which Gulla helped set up. As the house quieted down, I had time to do a bit of blogging and reflecting on the day's events. What will tomorrow bring?

We cycled thirty miles today.

Gathering for Macy Gray - Santa Cruz Boardwalk

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