Day 37 - Santa Barbara Continued - July 19, 2015

The Mission - Santa Barbara

We spent today relaxing in Santa Barbara. Bike repairs and rest was sorely needed. After having breakfast with Greg and Kim, Charlie and I headed up to Greg's current worksite. He oversees multi-million dollar home projects. The residence I looked at was formerly owned by Don Johnson, best known for his role in Miami Vice. It is now being completely renovated by Bob Greene, Oprah's personal trainer. The place overlooks the Channel Islands and the Pacific. Both house and grounds were in an entirely unfinished state. Changes were taking place on all levels. I was most attracted to the koi ponds dug into the hill in front of the house. They were fed by two separate man-made streams. All I could hear was the music water makes as it flows and falls over stone. Oprah's river of affluence breaks into many distributaries.

Fig Roots - Alameda Park
After this peek into high society, I rode my bike to the old Santa Barbara Mission for a look around. Mass was in session, so I was limited to the grounds. Feeling sleepy, I cycled into Alameda Park. I found an enormous fig tree, used my bicycle bag as a pillow and took a long nap under its shady branches. I noticed many others doing the same. Over the years, I've realized that a simple way to get to know a place is by napping in it. When I think of Santa Barbara, Alameda Park will always hold special significance.

Napping Spot

I walked down to State Street and bought a gelato. I found a bench by two men asking others for money. After a short amount of time, a man handed them two fives. Upon receiving the money, they rose to leave. They wanted enough for two beers. I overheard the bearded man say: "I only take what I need."

The evening ended with a bite at Super Cusa's and a viewing of the action film "Antman" at the old Arlington Theater.

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