Day 7 - Seaside International Hostel to Cape Lookout State Park - June 22, 2014

Overlook - Cape Falcon

I woke up around six-thirty this morning having slept well. I went inside the hostel and found our load of laundry dry and waiting for us in a basket. Small acts of kindness sure make a difference, especially when you are on the road. I quickly folded my clothing and packed my bags. The two of us then cycled a couple blocks to the Seaside Coffee House for breakfast. The food and coffee hit the spot. Unfortunately, I left my waterproof windbreaker on the chair I was sitting on. I didn't find out about this misstep until we were settled in at our campsite in the evening. My plan is to contact the cafe tomorrow morning. If they have the coat, I'll see of I can work something out with them to get it back. The forecast is for rain on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see how this subplot works out.

After leaving Seaside, we didn't make any extended stops until we reached Cape Falcon. The overlook on the top was breathtaking. We took advantage of the photo opportunity as we could see quite a distance south. After taking a much needed break, we enjoyed the long downhill plunge into Manzanita.

The two of us previewed what Manzanita had to offer before deciding to grab a bite of Mexican food. I have been eating much more frequently that I do at home on this trip. When putting in a lot of miles, it's been important to make sure that there is enough fuel in the system to burn. I guess that I'm laboring the obvious. Before leaving, we stopped by a bicycle rental shop and asked that they add a little pressure to our tires. The kind owner was very happy to help and we were back at full PSI in no time.

We then pushed on to Tillamook. The  wind was at our back and we were able to cover the distance very quickly. Subway and Safeway drew our attention for dinner foods. After stashing the purchased items in our panniers, we moved on to our campsite - Cape Lookout State Park.

The hiker-biker sites at the park were, in my opinion, the best we had encountered yet. All were in the woods, just up from the beach, and there were many to choose from. I had dinner, threw a change of clothes in one pannier and road to the showers. After cleaning up, I walked out just in time to witness the sunset. Campers poured onto the beach to catch a view of the spectacular moment. I then hopped on my bike and road back to the campsite to tidy up equipment, practice yoga and do a little blogging. We did just over sixty miles of cycling today.

Sunset and Helmet - Cape Lookout State Park

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