Day 13 - Bandon to Humbug Mountain State Park - June 28, 2014

Air Conditioning - Oregon Coastline
For one reason or another, I didn't sleep that well on Brian's couch. I woke up several times, anxious to get on with the day. I am finding that the inertia that has been built up over the past two weeks of cycling is difficult to slow. Snelling and I left Brian and Nicole's home at around eight in the morning.

We cycled to Old Town Bandon for breakfast at the Minute Cafe, then to the public library to access their computers. I threw my sopping wet tarp over my bike before entering the public building. It was completely dry when I exited a short time later.

Library Solution - Bandon, Oregon

Seeing a grocery store on highway 101, we bought lunch and dinner foods. Before leaving, I thoroughly cleaned and oiled my chain. It really needed attention after the rain we had been experiencing. I had previously purchased a couple cotton washcloths at a RiteAid for the job. We officially left Bandon at around twelve-thirty.

I plugged into my iPod and listened to a set of the Doors and Rush's "2112 Overature." We pedaled through the mileage we wanted to cover, taking only one real stop to have lunch at Battle Rock, a place where a captain and his men held out against native peoples who were not happy they were there. He later escaped and came back with more men to set up an establishment - another story of exploitatation on the west coast.

Cutting slightly inland, we moved into a valley of Big Leaf Maple, Bay and Cyprus trees - Humbug Mountain State Park was beautiful. The hiker-biker camp had a view of the southern side of the valley. Snelling and I settled into adjacent sites and I layed out my gear to dry. His rear tire had a slow leak, so, together, we changed the tube. I found the culprit - a small piece of metal embedded in the rubber. The facilities at Humbug were the best that I have experienced so far on the trip. The showers were well-designed, spacious and at a perfect water temperature. I hope California has invested in their campsites to the extent that Oregon has.

We cycled just over thirty miles today.

Battle Rock - North of Humbug Mountain

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  1. Nels, your iPad must be down. We miss your comments for the past few days. Stay dry....Tucker