Day 42 - Doheny State Beach to San Elijo State Beach - July 24, 2015

Tight Quarters - Doheny State Beach

This morning, we packed up and headed out to a Denny's that was immediately across the street from the campsite. This particular restaurant can be hit or miss. They were promoting The Fantastic Four. I enjoyed the Invisible Woman Slam.


After yesterday's ride, I was expecting heavy traffic and poor accommodations for cyclists. I couldn't have been more wrong. Throughout the trip, we traveled over wide bicycle lanes and designated bike trails. To top it off, there was little elevation gain and loss. A portion of the trip was spent cycling through Camp Pendleton, a Marine base. Identification was checked at the entrance gate. Charlie had to don his helmet. We met as a group in Oceanside for sandwiches and Coke. Spectacular views of the Pacific were to be had for much of the ride.

The Weave

After the long haul, we once again set up camp and headed out into the waves. I enjoyed swimming and bodysurfing for about forty-five minutes.  There were a large amount of surfers offshore that piqued my interest. I caught two long waves and enjoyed the frothing whitewater as the surge carried me toward shore. There are parallels between the rhythm of cycling and the ocean waves. I seek to remain in perpetual rhythm.

San Elijo

I washed the salt water off in the camp shower and we headed out for pizza. After arriving back in camp, I did a little blogging before going to sleep. Staying alert was made easier by Oliver, a small dog owned by our intoxicated neighbors who kept leaving them to bark at our tents.

Sitting on Top of the World

Tomorrow we cycle to the border.

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