Day 36 - El Capitan State Beach to Santa Barbara - July 18, 2015

Camping at El Capitan - Hiker / Biker Site

Today I cycled into Santa Barbara. On Monday, we will embark on the final leg of the journey south. I approach it with sentimental feelings. I'm happy to be completing a journey that I've wanted to take for many years. At the same time, it's hard to bring closure to this adventure. With so many experiences to enjoy, it may be quite some time before I venture out on this path again.

Bicycle Trail - UCSB Campus

I made it a point to arrive at the downtown post office before it closed at two o'clock. The streets ran with water as the rain lightly fell, wetting my shoulders and thighs. I smiled when the desk clerk handed me a box that contained my neatly packaged seat-post bag. I was also able to secure a package sent to Rocco from his wife Kathy. I locked up at the library, then took a stroll down State Street. I bought a yoghurt and did a little people watching. The downtown area was busy with tourists.

The Package!

Later in the afternoon, I received a message from Charlie. He and Roc were up at Charlie's longtime friend Greg's place. He and his wife Kim had offered to let us stay overnight. They cooked a delicious meal. It was interesting to hear about the about the water issue from residents. They offered me their couch for the night. I was quiet happy to accept it.

City Hall - Santa Barbara

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