Day 41 - Driftwood Motel to Doheny State Beach - July 23, 2015

Quick Fix

After a reasonable night sleep at the Driftwood, we all packed up and slipped over to the Black Bear Diner. While eating my blueberry pancakes, I listened to the jukebox play music by the band Foreigner.  The day was off to a great start.

Waiting to Ride...

Highway one had a small shoulder, so Roc, Josh and I felt comfortable traveling on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, the little drops in the pavement caused one of Rocco's rear spokes to break, throwing off the wheel's true. Josh searched his phone and found a bicycle shop nearby. The owner fixed the broken wheel in about ten minutes. While waiting, I struck up a conversation with a man waiting to purchase a new seat for his cruiser. He told me that he had been randomly shot while riding his bicycle three years ago in the immediate area. It became my desire to move through the neighborhood quickly.

LA Industry

We cycled through a heavily industrial area and over the Los Angeles River. The high temperature and smell of industry coupled with the sound of big-rig trucks made the environment feel post apocalyptic. The heavily populated areas of California were created, in most cases, without a plan for human health and well-being in mind. Was the amount of capital acquired by a small number of individuals worth the impacts on the land? How many years will it take to clean up the mess? Have the people considered planting trees?

Hemmed In

Luckily, we hit a bicycle path that led us alongside the Los Angeles River and back out to the coast. As Josh said: "What a difference five miles makes."

Living on the Los Angeles

After leaving the bike path, we cycled highway one to Doheny State Beach. This is another route that the state must improve for cyclists. Riding in traffic, a person has to be completely alert for miles at a time. Most drivers were courteous. Several times, Charlie and I rode side-by-side, taking the entire lane. The left lane was open for vehicle traffic. I would strongly suggest traveling with a partner in the greater Los Angeles area. Also, you need a fair amount of ice running through your veins.

Concrete and the Queen Mary

We all arrived at the campsite before sundown. I set up my tent, pulled on my swimsuit and took a swim in the ocean. We ended the evening socializing around the picnic table.

The Long Goodbye

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