Day 35 - Laura's Bicycle Camp to El Capitan State Beach - July 17, 2015

Breakfast Stop

We cycled seventy-three miles today. That being said, most of my day was spent on the saddle. After a week-and-a-half of cycling down the coast, we are all getting in great riding shape. The mileage didn't feel overly taxing. I very much enjoyed the ride in its entirety.

Plumbing Problem

Early on, we pedaled into the blue-collar town of Guadalupe. The three of us stopped at El Tapatio, a Mexican restaurant. Charlie and Rocco hit the road earlier than I. David pulled in shorty after I finished breakfast. I chatted with him about the state of education today. I enjoyed his perspective. He was educated in Canada and taught in a private school in China. Our views were quite similar.

Veterans of the Road

I'm deeply concerned about the standards based / high stakes testing focus that our country's educational leaders are responsible for implementing. Is the standards movement dumbing down our public system? It's true that educators no longer need to grapple with what students truly need to know or are interested in; they now just look to the most current set of standards that the state legislature has accepted. Is there danger in a universal, one-size-fits-all system? Should educators be trusted to teach their own truth? Should teacher and school success be based on students' test-taking ability? What, really, should students learn in school?

The Fix

After leaving the establishment, I cycled on to Los Alamos, where I grabbed food and a smoothie, then onto highway 101.  The shoulder was, for the most part, good. Shortly out of Los Alamos, Charlie ran over a nail which flatted his tire. We worked together to fix it. After that, I didn't stop pedaling until I rolled into El Capitan. Charlie came in shortly after with yet another flat, this time a small piece of wire. He is going to tackle it in the morning.

Channel Islands

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