Day 33 - San Simeon State Park to Morro Bay State Park - July 15, 2015

Rolling into Morrow Bay

I'm in the routine of waking up with the sunrise, doing a small amount of yoga in my tent, packing up and leaving camp. All is running smoothly.

I met Charlie in the town of Cambria for breakfast at the Redwood Cafe. The omelet and home fries were excellent. We were able to take our time as our next campsite was in Morro Bay. After eating, I began pedaling to the local library to extend my relaxation period. On the way, a man named Luke pedaled up and started chatting. He had left Santa Barbara with forty-two cents in his pocket headed for Seattle. He was making money along the way by dropping his hat and singing a cappella. He had made a quick forty dollars in San Luis Obispo. He was happy to be on the road, having spent the last year in heavily urban areas sleeping with a knife by his side. He has a Facebook site titled "Luke's Coastal Cruise." I'll have to take a look when time permits.

While at the library, I shaved in the public restroom, caught up on some email and, more importantly, contacted the bicycle shop in Half Moon Bay that I knew had my small seat-post bag. Sure enough, the missing item was there. I gave the address of the main post office in Santa Barbara. The employee that I spoke to assured me that he would put it in a box and mail it south. The saga continues...

Rocco's "Inconvenience"

I left Cambria about two-thirty in the afternoon. The ride to Morro Bay was flat and I moved through the mileage rather quickly. A short distance from the camp I spotted a pizza joint and ordered a salad and a drink. After contacting Rocco, he rolled up with a heavily bandaged leg. He had a mishap with a curb and the pedal of his bike. A fairly serious puncture wound resulted in the back end of his shoe filling with blood. Some bystanders helped with a temporary bandage. He is already on an antibiotic due to an issue involving the seat of his cycle. He refers to these problems as "inconveniences." The guy is hardened.

We rolled into camp just before sundown. I set up my tent with the aid of my headlamp. Phil had pulled in moments before. He let me know that David and he had bartered for a Sun Shower with another camper at Plaskett Creek. As luck would have it, the doors to the showers were unlocked, so I indulged. I believe that their are little gophers snooping around my occupied space... 

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