Day 39 - McGrath State Beach to Leo Carrillo State Beach - July 21, 2015

Buying the Burrito

I woke, as usual, around seven o'clock. After emerging, I noticed that the dew was heavy on the tent. I quickly packed my gear and cycled into Oxnard. The Best Breakfast Cafe presented itself to me. I decided to test the title. Charlie and Rocco walked in the door slightly after I arrived. We enjoyed our usual routine of chit chatting, blogging and deciding on our next campsite. Before leaving town, Roc and I bought food for the day.


The middle of the day was spent cycling along inland turf and crop farms. We then hit the coast on highway one. I have yet to tire of looking out at the Pacific. A mile from our campsite we stopped at Neptune's Net and had a drink. We cycled on to Carrillo State Beach, checked in with the ranger, found the hike-bike area, set up our tents and cycled out to the ocean. I walked down some stairs leading to a small beach flanked on either side by rocky outcroppings. I walked partway into the ocean, then dove into a large wave. I spent thirty minutes bobbing on the incoming swells. I attempted a little bodysurfing, but the waves were breaking all at once right on the beach. I enjoyed just shooting under them right as they started to crest. The water temperature was really pleasant. I hope to do more swimming the next couple of days.

Enjoying the Cloud Cover

I cycled back to camp and the evening ended with a little dinner and a shower. We plan to enter Los Angeles tomorrow. I'm looking forward to the waterfront bike path.

Neptune's Net

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