Day 31 - Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park to Plaskett Creek Campground - July 13, 2015

Pfeiffer Big Sur Hiker / Biker Campsite

woke in the Redwoods.

While packing my panniers, I spoke with Phillip. David and he planned on staying an extra day. I couldn't blame them. I gave Phillip my contact information. I figure that they'll catch up to us in a couple of days.

Built to Last

I left the campground and cycled up a fairly steep hill to the Big Sur Bakery. After having a small bite, we headed over to the general store for food. We had a long stretch to cover before we could purchase a meal. I filled my water bottles under a faucet outside of the local gas station. After loading up on sunscreen, we each ventured out at our own pace.

Pacific Valley School

Throughout the day, I enjoyed spectacular views while hugging the coastline. I like being able to stop when I want. At one high vista, I relaxed for half an hour watching whales work their way northward. I spoke with Rainey, an older woman who was on a road trip to visit her son on Lumi Island in Washington. She is a landscape watercolor artist. Rainey teaches both adults and children the craft. She said that the road has been her home for the last forty years.

Swimming Beach

I cycled into the hiker / biker campsite at Plaskett Creek Campground around 3:30. After checking with the host, I found out that the site didn't have showers. I accepted the fact, packed my swimsuit and started walking toward the beach.

I walked a short distance down the road to the day-use area. Many folks were walking around with towels around their necks. I picked up the main bluff trail and walked down to the beach. Behind a large rock, I switched out my biking shorts for my swimsuit and walked out into the waves. I bodysurfed for about half an hour, thoroughly enjoying the cool temperature after a hot day on the road. As I was walking back up the bluff, Charlie met me walking down. He had the same idea.

Plaskett Creek Hiker / Biker Area

After returning to camp and having a bite to eat, Rocco pedaled up in good spirits. Shortly after, Andrew and Leslie, cyclists that we would get to know as the evening progressed, arrived separately. Andrew is a Brit who became tired of his office job and took up bicycle touring for therapy. Leslie is a Canadian high school teacher who is on her first major tour. On her teacher's salary, she went the inexpensive route in regards to gear. It was interesting to see her pull out a pink child's tent, floaty to sleep on and space blanket for heat. Her entire sleeping kit couldn't have cost more than thirty-five dollars. Both were headed north to San Francisco. They have been bucking the wind for days, but have a positive outlook on their tour. Generally, I do not find cyclists overly enthusiastic after long hours in the saddle, just peacefully positive about their existence.

We cycled thirty-three miles today.

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