Day 30 - Veteran's Memorial Park to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park - July 12, 2015

Morning Routine

woke this morning at about 7:30 with the sun blasting into my tent. It didn't take long to turn my little shelter into a sauna. I got up, packed and immediately shot down the hill in search of a breakfast spot. At the bottom of the decline, I took out my iPhone and asked Siri about a decent breakfast spot. She directed me to the Old Monterey Cafe, which was only a couple of blocks away.

Pacific Peek

I locked my bike, sat down and started drinking coffee. While waiting for Charlie and Rocco, I finished up my blog entry, charged my iPhone and overdosed on caffeine. After the guys arrived, we ordered and ate. The food was outstanding.

Elevating the Route

Before leaving town, we stopped at Rite Aid for a few items and hit highway one. We decided to travel at our own pace today instead of sticking together. It was pleasant to get the solo time. I felt particularly strong and stopped only a few times to eat and soak up the spectacular views. I could have taken a picture at every turn. The journey was hilly, but the environment kept me fueled. The only drawback was heavy traffic and an often inadequate shoulder. A little north of Point Sur, I crested a hilltop and started down the other side. The way curved and quickly dropped elevation for several miles. The car behind me was kind enough to slow down while I moved toward the middle of the lane and snaked my way downward. How exhilarating!

Highway 1

After several more hills, I began moving through redwood forests. I happened upon a small general store, grabbed food for dinner and enjoyed an ice cream in the shade. On the way out of the small commercial area, Phillip and David waved me down. I let them know that our group was headed up to Pfeiffer Big Sur. They planned on joining us.

Hiker / Biker Redwoods - Pfeiffer Big Sur

When I arrived at the campsite, I set up my tent and grabbed my swimsuit. It was my intention to take a dip in the Big Sur River. While cycling in, I spotted a swimming hole a short distance from the hiker / biker site. It was easy to find, and the water was a refreshing temperature. Three boys let me know that there were crawdads and trout swimming near the base of a large rock. I dove down with my swim goggles on and confirmed their claims. I paddled around for about twenty minutes enjoying the freedom of water.

Swimming Hole - Big Sur River

Later in the evening, the group sat around one of the many picnic tables. We enjoyed chatting about a wide assortment of subjects. When it started getting dark, I headed over to my tent. I'm slipping into the more natural mode of rising with the sun and sleeping with the moon - simple living.

We cycled thirty-five miles today.

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