Day 3 - Twanoh State Park to Free Camp Outside Porter - June 18, 2014

Clearcut Napping Spot with "Stickstand" - Cloquallam Road

Snelling and I woke up at around six o'clock this morning and were on the road at seven. I'm really starting to get used to the sleeping pad. I poached a little power for my iPhone from an outlet outside one of the park maintance buildings. Yesterday, the ranger encouraged us to continue to follow 106 down the southernmost part of Hood Canal until we hit highway 101. We followed his advice, with one exception. Snelling noticed a shortcut called Purdy Cutoff. We took a left turn and followed it to 101. With little development, huge Bigleaf Maples, scattered old growth Cedar, fast running streams and blooming Foxglove, the Purdy Cutoff was just that - purdy.

By nine o'clock, we were eating at Nita's Restaurant in Shelton. I enjoyed a stack of their buttermilk pancakes and a fried egg over-easy. We missed Nita, the ninety-year-old owner who takes Wednesdays off, but signed her guest book. The cook/server was interested in our trip. I left satisfied and a bit over-stuffed.

We left Shelton and headed out Cloquallam Road. The first part was quite a climb. The road finally leveled out and so did my heart rate. That quickly changed as I was run down by a large black dog. My main concern was my right ankle, but he was all bark and no bite. Around the Lost Lake area we caught a nice downhill and headed past Bulb Farm Road. There were many clear cuts in this area so we pulled on the breaks and slipped up one of the logging roads. I had a tuna sandwich, threw out my sleeping pad and bag and took a nap. Our daily schedule is being worked out. My vote is for the midday nap.

After waking, I took a picture of the spot with my bike on a "Stickstand." We then moved on down the road to Elma. There, we had teriyaki and picked up a few groceries for the morning. We pedaled about seven miles down South Bank Road along the Chehalis river and found a place to free camp on the west side of the bridge that lead to the small town of Porter. We found privacy from the road up against some tall grasses and blackberry vines. It was a beautiful spot looking out over a field of grass. All total, we cycled about fifty-five miles today.

Free Camp - Porter, Washington

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