Day 46 - Bellingham to Surrey, BC - April 4, 2017

Lummi Reservation Stop
Craig and I woke up and left the premises before any of the college students stirred, eight o'clockish. Before leaving Fairhaven, we stopped for breakfast at the Harris Avenue Cafe. The Matterhorn omelet with portabella and shiitake mushrooms was outstanding. I will be back.

Roadside Relaxation (Cliff Bar and Candy)
We cycled through to Blaine with minimal rest stops which allowed for an extended stay at the Sweet Tangerine Bistro. We savored our teriyaki while I arranged a hotel stay in Vancouver and purchased one-way Amtrak Cascades tickets to Everett. I was happy to hear that the baggage car now contains a bicycle rack that holds up to ten cycles ($5.00 to reserve). I had brought my pedal wrench in anticipation of taking both bikes apart and boxing them for the ride home. This new service was a major time-saver.

Crossing Over
We crossed the border without hiccup, then pushed through the thirteen mile ride into Surrey. The Airbnb that I had reserved was a welcoming basement apartment in the suburbs. We draped our wet tents over the available chairs and headed out for Indian food at a local place called Golden Sweets. I was very happy with our dining choice. Tired, we returned to the apartment and watched "X-Men: Apocalypse" on Netflix before calling it a night.

Drying Gear - Surrey, BC

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