Day 45 - Deception Pass State Park to Bellingham - April 3, 2017

Samish River Boats
The campsite was cold this morning. My hands felt the chill for the better part of the morning. Craig didn't sleep well due to the noise associated with the adjacent campsite. Before going to sleep, I took out my earbuds and turned on a white noise fan application on my phone. I learned this method from my partner, Christina, on the Camino de Santiago last summer. It works like a charm.

Birds of a Feather - Bay View - Edison Road
The area surrounding the Deception Pass Bridge is very treacherous on a bicycle. There is virtually no shoulder leading up to the bridge itself. Long-haul truckers seemed to exceed the speed limit and moved only ever so slightly to the left when passing. Due to this fact, I decided to ride on the miniscule pedestrian sidewalk on the left side of the bridge. Luckily, it was still early and the site seers were not out yet.

After riding for about ten miles, we stopped for breakfast at the Country Corner Inn to recharge and fuel up. I plugged in my cell phone and poached a little power.

Padilla Bay Shore Trail
Chuckanut Drive Overlook
Mid-day highlights included the Padilla Bay Shore Trail and lunch at the Mariposa Taqueria in Edison. I washed down my chicken taco with a Coke. Chuckanut Drive was tight-shouldered, but motorists were extremely courteous. The views of the sound fueled our ride into Bellingham.

Great Shakes - Zane Burger, Bellingham
Potty Selections
Upon entering Bellingham, we took a pit stop for a quick sugar hit (milkshakes) at Zane Burger while we coordinated with our kids. Lillianna, Craig's daughter, was kind enough to offer us a place to stay. I was able to coax Anders, my son, out to McKay's Taphouse to watch the NCAA Final (Gonzaga vs. North Carolina). The Zags unfortunately lost, but we had a nice time together over pizza and salad.

The Crew - McKay's Taphouse, Bellingham

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