Day 34 - Morro Bay State Park to Laura's Bicycle Camp - July 16, 2015

The Difference Water Makes

Before heading out of camp, Charlie and I looked over our maps in an effort to find a reasonable place to stay for the night. He was able to speak with a woman named Laura who had a bicyclist camp on highway one. She assured us that there was room for three. After this confirmation, I cycled out of the campsite and didn't take any major stops until I hit San Luis Obispo (SLO). On the way, I enjoyed viewing fields of crops and a horse ranch. I can imagine that the horses get tired of running circles in the corral. I've never been able to embrace the treadmill approach to exercise.


Upon entering the main part of town, I looked to my left and spotted their famous gum wall. It lead me to the rear entrance of the SLO Brewery. I liked the setting and would someday enjoy spending time there in the evening. I ended up ordering a Pepsi and reading an article about the changes being made to KCPR, the Cal Poly radio station. After a second soda, I rode to the library, charged my cell phone and updated my blog.

Gum Wall

I only took one other major stop for food on my way to the campsite. When I arrived, I was happily surprised. The entire space was neatly kept. Chickens and dogs roamed the grounds at their leisure. I noticed several birds leaping for grapes growing from an arbor in the middle of the camping area. There were several outbuildings that each had a special purpose. Charlie was already acclimated to the place and enjoying a rest. I walked around for awhile, interested in the details of the place. There was one two story building that was designated as a place for visitors to post graffiti. I signed one of the two-by-four beams. I set up my tent and took a shower. We then relaxed, chatted and waited for Roc to arrive. He came in before sundown. Perfect timing.

Leaving My Mark - Laura's Bicycle Camp
Graffiti Tower - Laura's Bicycle Camp
Bed and Breakfast (for those with $) - Laura's Bicycle Camp
My Situation - Laura's Bicycle Camp

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