Day 2 - Kitsap Memorial State Park to Twanoh State Park - June 17, 2014

Today started at 7:00 AM. The hiker-biker site at Kitsap Memorial State Park was a little out of the way in the deep woods. Cost: $12 per night in Washington. I had to turn over quite a few times throughout the night, but slept well. I'll get used to the pad in about three or four days. Over extended trips, I grow to like the Z-Lite pad. We pedaled out of the campsite at 8:00 after a brief chat with an RV camper who was interested in our trip.

We stopped in a Silverdale cafe, just off highway three, for a quick breakfast. We talked to a guy that previously served  in the New York City Fire Department. He briefly demonstrated how to enter a building and put out a fire. Blast the ceiling with water. It's all about the steam...

We moved on through the outskirts of Bremerton and into Belfair. Before getting back on highway three, we hit the DQ. The Butterfinger Blizzard wrecked me for the next five miles.

Taking a right on 106, we skirted the southern end of Hood Canal and coasted into Twanoh State Park at around four o'clock. The ranger was courteous and informative. The hiker-biker site was right on the canal itself. After taking a hot shower, I strolled around the park. The picnic sites were amazing. The construction looks to be from 1930's era. One shelter had a large stone fireplace and stove for cooking on. I got a little sentimental thinking about all the families that have enjoyed themselves using the site over the years. It is my hope that the state can maintain these publicly owned lands for future users.

I figure that we did about forty-five miles today. In the two days I've been on the road, I've seen only three other groups of bicycle tourists, all of which were headed north. Walking to the shower at the end of the day, I met a couple other guys that were headed south. They had started in Montana and were heading toward Santa Cruz, California. They looked like they had really fine-tuned their game over the last month on the road.

As a public school teacher, it takes time to come down off of the demands of the classroom. My mind is still there, but I'm already beginning to notice a slight change in mentality after just a couple days on the road. This mental shift was certainly a major reason I decided to embark on this trip to the border.

Hiker-Biker Campsite on Hood Canal - Twanoh State Park

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