Day 5 - Lewis and Clark Campground to County Line Park - June 20, 2014

The Founder - Longview, Washington

It rained hard last night for several hours. I had not set up my tarp, but weathered it out just fine in my bivouac sack. Over the years, I've spent many nights in wind and rain in my bivy. I really don't think that people stay drier in tents. I do admit that I should have set up my tarp in the evening. The rain caught me by surprise at midnight, and I didn't have the get-up-and-go to drag myself out to pitch the tarp after the deluge started.

We hit the road around six o'clock and peddled twenty-three miles to Castle Rock. We had breakfast at Lacey Rha's Cafe, a little diner that used to be a small theater. The service and food were great. 

We decided to take highway 411 down to Longview to get groceries. I placed an earbud in my right ear and enjoyed listening to the Allman Brothers Band on the way in. I was given the album "Eat a Peach" by my good friend Justin before heading on this tour. I particularly enjoyed the thirty-three minute "Mountain Jam" and Justin's favorite "Blue Sky" while pedaling toward Longview.

Once there, I dropped a few items that I didn't need in an envelope bound for Whidbey. We then shot over to Robert Long Park in the middle of town for a quick lunch. Wanting to reach our campsite at a reasonable time, we left town on the well-traveled Ocean Beach Road.

After another sixteen miles of cycling, we pulled into County Line Park. Located on the Columbia River, the site offered a view of our first goal - Oregon. All of the tent sites were taken, but the kind campsite host offered us a less desirable spot for six dollars. What a steal. The facilities were nice and showers were cheap. A tug ran by in the evening bound for Portland. I thought about my son, brother and father in Cordova, Alaska, as I watched it move on. I hope they have a great seine season. In all, we cycled about fifty miles today.

Tug on the Columbia - County Line Park

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