Day 27 - Half Moon Bay State Park to Costanoa Campground - July 9, 2015

Tune-Up - Half Moon Bay

We woke this morning around 7:30. I pushed out of camp at around 9:00 wanting to check out Half Moon Bay.  Yesterday, I noticed a bicycle shop just off the highway. I had it in my mind to get my dérailleurs checked due to excessive chain noise. I stopped by and found that they opened at 10:00; I'd have to wait. I cycled into town, found the Main Street Grill and sent a message to Charlie and Roc. Breakfast continues to be an important time to hammer out the plan for the day. I enjoy pouring over the cycling maps and looking at our options.

New Bell

After eating and drinking too much coffee, we headed back to Bike Works, the cycle shop I stopped at earlier. The mechanic fine-tuned both dérailleurs. I purchased a rear-view mirror for my sunglasses and a bell for my handlebar. Small upgrades have enormous value when living simply.

Awaiting Rocco - Pescadero State Beach

After picking up sandwiches, we left Half Moon Bay at noon. We were able to move relatively quickly due to our not encountering any major inclines. Needing a break, we stopped at Pescadero State Beach for a dip in the ocean. The water was a little cooler than I had hoped, but it did feel refreshing. I dove under several waves and then walked back to the shore. Surprisingly, there were very few people who had stopped at this particular beach.

First Dip - Pescadero State Beach

We moved down highway one for several miles to Pigeon Point Lighthouse. The map indicated that there was a hostel at the point and road signs confirmed this. Unfortunately, we were out of luck. All of the beds had been taken and campers were not allowed to pitch tents outside. The kind man behind the desk indicated that we would find the Costanoa Campground five miles down the road. I believe that he had been living on the point for many years. He had that thousand mile stare and a deep, unhurried voice. We were happy to hear that there was another campsite close. We moved out.

Turned Away at Pigeon Point

Costanoa was easy to find. The unusually large cypress trees leading up the road to the camp caused me to slow in admiration. The pungent smell is one I enjoy. We cycled up to registration and were able to split the campsite fee three ways. The registrar pointed out that we had access to free showers and a sauna. My jaw dropped.

Snelling and Sawmill

After arriving at our numbered camp spot, we started looking around. On some cleared adjacent property, Charlie clued us in to an old portable sawmill identical to the one he used for years in Belize. I really found his detailed description of its operation interesting. We spoke for awhile about the functions of the different moving parts. It was powered by an old VW engine. The machine had fallen into disuse and was rusted out, never to cut again. Engines as well as bodies need to be used.


Later, Charlie and I explored the grounds, and I took advantage of the sauna and shower.

While writing this in my tent, a raccoon is sniffing at the vestibule. With all of the young campers around, he's bound to hit pay dirt. Be bold, my friend.

We cycled twenty-six miles today.

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