Day 29 - Santa Cruz to Veteran's Memorial Park (Monterey) - July 11, 2015

Hearty Breakfast

woke to the sounds of work being done in the kitchen. Gulla was making breakfast. My luck continues. I rolled out of bed and put the living room back in order. Gulla offered us hot drinks, and shortly after, a hearty breakfast. I ate as much as I could, then wandered out of the house to my bicycle to pack for the day's ride.

Handlebar Adjustment

We are in the process of fine-tuning Rocco's gear and decided to attach his tent to the side of his pannier. He needs to keep a low profile on the back of his bike to swing his leg over. We also slightly adjusted his brakes. My gear situation seems pretty solid, though I continue to make minor changes, like any routine process in my life. Nothing is ever complete; do your best with your knowledge at the moment.

Working the Fields

After saying our goodbyes, we cycled out of Santa Cruz. Along the route, we rode through fields of strawberries. Their smell was heavy in the air, and the Beatles' hit played in my head. The fields were being handpicked by workers that couldn't possibly have been paid enough for their labor. All were hunched over in difficult positions. Ranchero music played out of a old ghetto blaster. These fields need to be worked, but compensation has to improve. Equality is a slow process on the planet.

Twin Polluters

We moved on to Moss Landing, unsure about a lunch spot. There was an older group of local women painting with oils down at the harbor. I talked with two, and together they recommended Phil's Fish Market and Eatery. The place was lively and the seafood good.

Paint and Advice

Before the city of Marina, we were able to exit highway one and slip into a designated bike trail for at least twelve miles into Monterey. I am hopeful that the country will commit to extending these trails all the way down the Pacific coast and from sea to shining sea. If they build it...

The day ended with a long uphill to Veteran's Memorial Park in Monterey where we found a large hiker / biker campsite. I hit the free shower, climbed into my tent and blogged. A man in the adjacent campsite sang softly as he strummed a guitar. My eyes began to droop, and ten hours later, I awoke to the sun.

We cycled forty-five miles today.

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